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#KaizenBiz A New Home for #KaizenBlog

“KaizenBiz…developing people and business ideas”

#KaizenBiz is our new name but many of you will know us from the Twitter chat #KaizenBlog. Our new home is here on KaizenBiz.com for both the Twitter chat and our community. This seems to fit us better and represents the focus of our discussions.

Kaizen is the Japanese concept that means continuous and incremental improvement. We use this concept on a weekly Twitter Chat #KaizenBiz (Friday’s 12 PM Eastern time) to frame our discussions on various aspects of business. We have been growing a strong community and it needed a larger home – so here we are, new and improved.

For information on this week’s Twitter chat under the #KaizenBiz hashtag or check @KaizenBizChat

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Your host, Elli St. George-Godfrey, @3KeysCoach on Twitter. You can learn more about Elli at Ability Success Growth.


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