Support KaizenBiz With a (Virtual) Latte

This guest post is written by #KaizenBiz community member and sponsor, CASUDI (also known as Caroline Di Diego). CASUDI is a long-standing member of the chat who many of you have connected with online and offline. She explains how to support KaizenBiz and why your support will make this endeavour more valuable to you, the community.

We ALL want to support!

So many of us are really committed to our Friday east coast lunchtime chat, #kaizenbiz However we need to support our chat just one little tiny bit more.

A Virtual Latte?

Let’s buy a virtual latte for our leader @3Keyscoach and let’s support #KaizenBiz, better yet let’s support the community and buy one every week or at least whenever we join the chat!

What does a virtual latte cost? How do I buy it?

Buying a $5.00 virtual latte is simple and easy ~ “all you need is a PayPal account or credit card and to select the donate button here or in the side bar.”

Virtual Latte Support

This is the kind of Latte I mean…

Support KaizenBiz with a Virtual Latte

Now comes the important WHY? 

#Kaizenbiz is an online community providing ongoing quality content for each chat and this costs time and money. Time has been a donated commodity so far by Elli and Cathy mostly and a very little bit by me.

Behind the scenes

There is an amazing amount of behind the scenes work to keep a successful chat going, as some of you have found out when you guest host, and what is more we have been going for three and a half years, which is one of the longest running for any twitter chat.

How will the virtual latte be used?

  • Web hosting & development
  • Chat transcript services and time (Storify,TweetReports, Hashtracking)
  • Apps &Tools like BufferApp

Supports our editorial freedom

Our chat and website is based on the idea that we apply critical thinking to business ideas so we continuously improve. As each topic is researched and guests are recruited, we get to explore both the ideas and ourselves.

Elli noted,

 “In a recent conversation, several participants expressed reservations about having a chat sponsor who might be inclined to direct the chat in only their direction. This could diminish the quality and value of the chat”

KaizenBiz would of course embrace a Larger sponsor(s) but Elli is committed to maintaining the quality of our chat and will not take on a sponsor who is not aligned with the goals of the community or who will change the content (or essence) of our chat.

 This is your opportunity to give back!

Wouldn’t you really be up for taking Elli or Cathy or me out for a latte break every Friday?  That’s not even the cost of lunch and your virtual latte can really make a difference to the #kaizenbiz community!

So, I came up with the latte support. A $5 virtual latte donation for the chat – just to help maintain the value we have and provide sustenance for the chat going into the future?”

What does our community think of this?

What do you think about this and do you have any other ideas on how to support our chat?Comments below if you are inclined? Best of all, please Donate a virtual latte! I am donating as well as asking, but this is of course absolutely optional and you are always very welcome at the chat.

About the author: CASUDI (Caroline Di Diego) is an active KaizenBiz member since July 2009.

CASUDI is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with parallel careers. In the one she focuses on Architectural  & Landscaping Design solutions and the other (where most of you know her) she does what it takes to move start up & early-stage companies, from “concept” or “chaos” to fundable and/or profitable.

She has designed & produced award winning television film documentaries, corporate marketing and product videos and television commercials. Storytelling is her thing

She mentors small business and says “we all learn!”

Photo by CASUDI, Latte by Danielle at Vois café Seattle