KaizenBiz Celebrates With Goal Setting for 2013

Celebrating KaizenBiz community members, goal settingAs the year ends and a new one is on the horizon, it’s time to stop and celebrate the good stuff that happened. And just as naturally, it’s good to consider what goals  you want to achieve next.

*Please join us Friday, December 21st at 5pm BST/12pm ET/9am PT for the Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz as we celebrate with goal setting. Not sure how to participate? Please click here for tips and advice.

To get the celebration started, I asked members of the Kaizen Biz community to share their success stories. Since we have members from a variety of places, I included where they are based.Cathy Larkin (@CathyWebSavvyPR; Philadelphia)

“I developed blogger outreach as a offering I use to help my small businesses clients  increase their visibility and it has resulted in new clients in 2012.”

Bruno Coelho (@bcoelho2000; Portugal)

2012 was a crazy year for me!

I had the opportunity to co-create and implement a new software development methodology that had a huge impact on the performance of the software development team of a major Portuguese home-banking system.

I used that case study for my Masters in Management degree – something that I started 3 years ago while I was working AND launching a business! I reached that milestone yesterday with rave reviews and now I have more time to fulfill the reason why I exist: empowering and developing people!

Chanelle Schneider (@WriterChanelle; Washington, DC)

“2012 could best be described as a roller-coaster with highs and lows that came in the form of achievements and lessons. My biggest achievement this year was joining the team at DeVries Public Relations as a Community Manager.”

Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia;Braga, Portugal)

“This year I achieved to built interdisciplinary teams, in SMEs, who worked under the umbrella of collaboration (not cooperation) and achieved amazing individual and group outcomes. Sounds simple but it is not!

The secret was to make the convergence of the relevant points of each discipline, with a lot of tolerance and continuous learning.”

Eric Bryant (@GnosisArts, New York)

“I would have to say that the thing I’m most proud of about what we’ve done this year is that we’ve really become more of a true social business. As you may know, we have been developing text messaging applications and utilities of late. We recently created a group texting utility – the Quit Smoking Grouptext Hotline – to help people quit smoking. It is a totally free utility (Gnosis Media Group is footing the bill) that anyone in the US can use. When someone opts in, he can then text to the group to receive encouragement or tips His text messages go to all the other opted-in group members. And theirs go to him. So it is a quit smoking support group – but via text messaging. And, when someone calls the grouptext hotline, they are automatically transferred to a live smoking cessation counselor.

I am proud of this achievement because it shows that our consultancy is not just about revenues and profits but ultimately about being an agent of positive change in our community.”
Here’s the Facebook Page for the group: http://facebook.com/QSGTH

Jen Olney (@gingerconsult: Maryland)

“Two years ago, I was left with a broken promise and embers of a partnership that was never meant to be. Rather than just let years of work go to waste, I decided the story wasn’t going to have an unhappy ending. I created #bealeader out of the ashes and continued the work that I started to bring together the leaders of today to inspire next generation of leaders of tomorrow. In 2012, the community of #bealeader has grown beyond my wildest dreams and our weekly chats on Twitter have inspired others to seek to change their game and find their own leader within. The best is yet to come in 2013 and I have can only thank my former partner for not holding me back for this journey and I am grateful to the community of #bealeader for selfless and tireless efforts on behalf of the cause as well.”

Karima-Catherine Goudiam (@karimacatherine; Toronto)

“Digital reverse mentoring for senior managers: It was a year where the highlight was the opportunities I had to mentor 2 CEO and a few other senior executives of a global firm in the importance of digital. Looking at the adoption level of the firm as well as steps taken following that mentoring, it made a difference in the way the business saw digital.”

2012 was quite a year for many of us! For myself at Ability Success Growth, it was the first time a client came to me via LinkedIn. It was also a time when I could see all of the connection building in the US and in Ireland literally pay off.With the brief stories above and my own, it is amazing to see the different types of successes and how people grew through their experiences!

 No sitting on your laurels though

Whether 2012 was a good year for you or not, the next one is around the corner. One of the things I often encourage my clients to do is notice what works for them and incorporate it into their new set of goals.

Most recent research on goal setting

There is a lot of talk about what make an achievable goal. It does help if you have a vision for what you want to accomplish. Some models describe this as an overall goal or visionary goal. You might subscribe to the SMART (specific, measurable, realistic, timely) model or a variation on it. There is something to be said about design to make change achievable. In a Wall Street Journal article, researchers noted some interesting findings:

  • Avoid “optimistic bias” so you aren’t overconfident and ignore negative feedback
  • Plan ahead with an “if/then” scenario to respond to setbacks
  • For English speakers, stop using the word “don’t” since our brains hear “do”
  • Prepare yourself to ignore distractions or challenges with alternative behavior
  • Build new habits by replacing old behavior with the new one

Join us on #KaizenBiz (Twitter chat) this Friday, December 21st at 5pm GMT/12pm ET/9am PT and let’s explore goal setting, what you can incorporate from last year as well as anticipate what will make 2013 prosperous and joyful.

What did you achieve in 2012?

What areas of goal setting do you wish you understood more?

How much of our emotions are tied into our goals?

How could doubt be used effectively in goal setting?

How/When do you use accountability with your goals?

About the author:  Elli St.George Godfrey, founder of Ability Success Growth and small business coach/trainer, is the host of KaizenBiz. I’m passionate about business becoming a more human-centered place so I host this chat to connect business ideas and develop people.This passion shows up in my work with my clients. Whether you are expanding in your own backyard or into another country, Ability Success Growth guides established small business owners to unlock the CEO within during times of transition and growth.





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  1. The only way to live a very successful life is to create goals. It’s preferable to create small goals that in due course lead to bigger goals. Unfortunately goal setting can be very time consuming so many people do not put in the proper effort. Too often we are plagued by distraction, lack of time, or fears. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools anyone can use. When you have implanted an image in your head, it stirs your subconscious to move you towards that direction.-^

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