Of Networking, Cyprus and Choosing Where To Work

Every now and then, we take a different approach on the Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz. This week we will be doing “Bring Your Own Headline”. This freestyle conversation could cover any number of posts or stories online this week. To participate

  • Find an interesting post or article and save the link
  • Think of an interesting discussion question to tweet out
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But, in case we need a conversation starter, here are three stories I came across

They cover networking, Cyprus and the Eurozone and giving workers the power to choose where they work.

Networking Doesn’t Work?!

This post comes from Eric V. Holtzclaw on Inc. The headline alone made me stop and wonder just what was going on here! According to Holtzclaw, networking at events is an uncomfortable experience unless you decide on what value you are seeking.

While he gives good tips for effective networking, it seems the underlying theme is about mindset. You probably know people who just give their cards away as soon as they say hello. Their mindset seems to be much like scattering seeds on the ground and seeing what grows. Holtzclaw recommends spending more time talking to a few people rather than trying to work the whole room. His mindset is about developing relationships with more give and take than on making the sale.

While Holtzclaw’s post title is eye-catching, it might reflect more mindset and expectations rather than practices. Whether you give your business cards to a few or to many, your approach makes networking work or not.

Cyprus and the Eurozone

This next story has been big economic news lately. Cyprus is the latest country in the Eurozone to receive a bailout. The big worry has been a run on Cypriot banks and there are stories that large unspecified amounts have been removed already. It’s a huge mess in Cyprus but it isn’t simply limited to this small nation. Uncertainty has been a constant in the Eurozone lately anyway and the situation in Cyprus isn’t helping.

In fact, it is uncertain how much effect this situation will have. According to one post in Public Finance International, Cyprus isn’t big enough to do much damage. On the other hand, International Business Times argues that the Cypriot bailout will have serious ramifications due to the likelihood of default and possible contagion to other weakened economies. There is a lot of discussion about what bailouts are really doing to European economies and a lot of questions.

Want to be trusted by your employer about where you work?

It is uncertain that Marissa Mayer was intending to trigger an intense conversation about telecommuting and where people work. But this issue is just not going away. There was a recent study done in Ireland in which 73% of employers feared a “loss of control” if their workers had a flexible workplace. Part of the conversation has been focused on the quality of life in the workplace while another part has focused on the potential pitfalls of not being connected enough.

In a Harvard Business Review blog post, Leigh Thompson notes that workers are seeking autonomy. It is a remarkable thing when your employer recognizes you as an skilled adult who can manage a workload without babysitting. There are upsides and downsides to companies dictating where you can work. There is also the danger of workers simply tuning out and creating their own workspaces, regardless of any company policy.

What mindset do you see as most effective in networking?

How is networking changing with both in-person and virtual possibilities?

What is your observation about the Cypriot bailout?

With the  Eurozone’s ongoing uncertainty, what possible business opportunities exist?

What is the real impact on business goals and revenue growth when companies use flexible workplaces as their norm?

Is the search for some control or autonomy in the workplace reflecting something larger in society? Why or why not?

About the author:  Elli St.George Godfrey, founder of Ability Success Growth, small business coach and executive coach, is the host of KaizenBiz. I’m passionate about business becoming a more human-centered place so I host this chat to connect business ideas and develop people.This passion also shows up in my work with my clients. Whether you are expanding locally or internationally, Ability Success Growth guides established small business owners and executives to unlock the CEO within during times of transition and growth.