What Does it Really Mean to Humanize your PR & Brand?

computer keyboard with a key that says the word Chat on itI’m Cathy Larkin, Owner of Web Savvy PR, and a part of the Kaizenbiz Team. Our fearless leader, Elli St. George Godfrey, is on vacation and asked me to host #KaizenBiz chat this Friday August 24, 2012. I come from the PR-side of marketing. I’d like to talk today, and on our Twitter chat Friday, about just one slice of the PR / digital marketing pie – the part of PR that handles connecting an organization or business with its clients, customers & stakeholders and getting a conversation going. In the past, the goals might have been more to “get the business’s message out.” However, with the rise of social media, the balance has shifted even more towards relationship building. Businesses and their PR & Marketing teams are struggling to respond to this balance. In my over 20 years in PR, even before social media, part of our job was to humanize the brand. Connection, Conversation and Relationship-building have always been key ways of getting any message out to individuals who might care. But organizations can now do that much more directly. This paragraph is full of buzz words, words we’ve heard too often lately. But I really feel at their core, they are very important: Connection, Conversation, Relationships. Continue reading


KaizenBiz Is Growing Up

What is is like to be in a room full of smart people all talking at once? I’d say that’s the Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz. Every Friday at 12pm Eastern time, we gather together from places like Canada, Japan, Portugal, the UK, Mexico, Ireland, the US and other places to dissect a business idea.

The introduction

Every week I tweet out the same four statements at the beginning of the chat:

  • This chat uses concept of kaizen to examine various aspects of business, enhance our skills and deepen our self-understanding
  • Kaizen is a Japanese concept of continuous improvement; mainly used to improve processes in business, education & other organizations
  • In this chat, you are highly encouraged to interact with each other (ask questions, comment on others’ points of view)
  • Sometimes we tease apart ideas tweeted here. We keep it respectful even if moves into debate

These four statements are the glue that holds the conversation together. Most of the time, it isn’t obvious that kaizen is present in the chat. But it is the underpinning of how we explore each topic as a group and see how we improve ourselves over time. Some of our community members have improved so greatly that they can only visit the chat infrequently while others have blossomed in their careers and just don’t have the time to be with us. Continue reading