Can a Global Mindset Position a Small Business for Growth?

Melissa Lamson, global mindset, small business growthThis is guest post is by Melissa Lamson,President of Lamson Consulting Please join us on the Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz, this Friday, March 8th at 5pm GMT/12pm ET/9am PT as we focus on Can a Global  Mindset Position a Small Business For Growth?

Global business facts

  • Qatar is the fastest growing global economy
  • Brazil has the most Twitter and Facebook users in the world
  • Last year, China’s GDP surpassed Japan’s

Developing global mindset is key for doing business successfully

Ernst & Young came out with a study last year that said the number one priority for leaders of multinational companies is to hire talent with a global mindset. A Global Mindset, as presented by Mansour Javidan’s research at The Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird University, is:

  • Intellectual Capital Knowledge of business operations in other countries
  • Psychological Capital – The will to get to know or work with other cultures
  • Social Capital – The ability to negotiate and influence across cultures Continue reading