Passion and Adversity

Frederique Murphy Turning Points

Frederique Murphy

Overcoming adversity lies in using keys derived from beliefs to passion.

Once we accept and take the responsibility that we are capable, we reach a place of empowerment. We can leverage these adverse events positively and move forward with our life, and our work.

The Turning Points project

About a year ago, Kate Cobb, approached Frederique Murphy about her Turning Points book project, and Frederique became one of the authors. As Kate says:

Kate Cobb Turning Points

Kate Cobb

“When things go wrong and we reach rock bottom, we have a choice: to stay in the depths of despair, or to stop, take stock and turn our lives around. These dark moments are our Turning Points.”

Turning Points, #1 Amazon Best Seller Book, was not about writing about these dark moments at all. The authors focused on sharing what they have learned and inspiring, and helping other people overcome their adversity.

Your mindset is critical

While there are no standard reactions, there are strategies, attitudes, and behaviours that can be modelled to help us overcome the adversity we face in our life, and our work.

The first key is your language

One of the mindset keys is to transform these adverse events into turning points. Take a look at these 2 sentences:

That was such an adversity in my life.

That was such a turning point in my life.

What do you see?

As you notice how the juxtaposition of the two statements feel, you are referring to the same event. The circumstances have not changed but everything has changed.

This is where your power and control lies; as Frederique says:

“Yes, some events are out of your control, but, you can, at 100%, control your reactions to that event, and letting “it” impacts you, is your choice. The adverse event (or events) does not have power over you, unless, you let it have power over you.”

The second key comes from your beliefs

Frederique explains that “Your beliefs are like a pair of glasses you use to view the world.” Each and every one of us have a series of beliefs. Some are empowering. Some are not. Our beliefs can help, or limit us , in our work and our lives. The actual words we use reveal our beliefs and help in overcoming adversity. When a crisis happens, we might ask “Why me?” — a very disempowering question. Changing it to “Yes me!” is, based on the fact that the adverse event is shaping you into the person you will be tomorrow. Both of these distinctions are new perspectives.

The third key is learning

Another key is to take stock and draw a list of lessons learned. This process — very often used in large organisations, is tremendously helpful in our own life too, as it enables you to take strength from these events.

Fourth Key: Passion!

Passion is a real driver. When things go wrong, and we need to dig deep, connecting with our passion gives us that oomph to carry us forward.

What does it mean to leverage adversity so it becomes beneficial?

Adversity can come from anywhere and then affect our work. How do we use work as a panacea?

What do we learn about ourselves through our work that illuminates our personal power?

How could our personal power teach us about our work?

How could an organisation learn from adversity?

About our guests:

Meet our international guests, from Ireland and the UK with a French touch!!!

Kate Cobb and Frederique Murphy, bestseller authors of Turning Points

Frederique Murphy (Ireland) is a business mindset strategist, who believes in guiding her clients through unforgettable journeys towards their own true wealth, with amazing breakthroughs, empowering transformation, fantastic implementation, and outstanding results. Thanks to her Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) platform, Frederique empowers business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives to master their mindset, so that they can move mountains and bring their life, business, and organisation, to a whole new level!

Turning Points is available on Amazon, or if you’d like your copy to be personalised by Frederique, then visit her site directly!

Kate Cobb (UK, living in France) is a coach and business writer who supports entrepreneurs enhance their business message by providing the written word they can’t or don’t want to for themselves. Through her Freedom from Writing consultancy she can live her passion for writing which began with her first book 20 years ago and was brought up to date with the publication of Turning Points last year.

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