This Week’s Chat Plays With Nick Kellet and Gamification

Since I’m always looking for interesting business topics and even more interesting guests, I was intrigued when Caroline Di Diego and Brandie McCallum recommended Nick Kellet. Nick brings such energy and enthusiasm to what he does!

Gamification is popping up everywhere

After noticing so many references to gamification in marketing and encouraging productivity, it seemed only natural to bring the topic to the Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz. Basically, gamification is the application of game design and game techniques to non-game situations. But gamification is so much more.

Our guest, Nick Kellet

Some people are familiar with Nick’s new venture, which he co-founded with Shyam Subramanyan. It is a site that lists questions and answers to a variety of topics and groups. (You can see an example here which Kaizen Biz sponsors) Did you know that Nick created a game also?

He describes himself as “inventor of GiftTRAP, Co-Founder at Listly. Former VP, New Markets at Business Objects, Founder of Next Action Technology, creator of AnswerSets, British-born, Canadian-adopted family-guy”. You can learn more about him on his website.

Gamification really made a difference in his work and his life

While creating GiftTRAP, he got to explore game design and discovered there is so much more. Read his framing post and get ready for a lively conversation!

Discussion questions:

  1. How do you describe gamification?
  2. What kinds of engagement between people does gamification encourage?
  3. How is game design similar to designing a startup/business venture?
  4. If the best game designs rely on story to help engagement, what role does storytelling play in creating a business?
  5. How would you know a team/staff has an appreciation for game?
  6. Where would gamification make a difference to the momentum/growth of a startup/business?

Please join us on Friday, April 20, 2012 at 5pm BST/12pm ET/9am PT for the Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz. You can access the chat by using TweetChat or TweetGrid (unless you already use TweetDeck).




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