Email is not dead, is it?

There is a lot of discussion about email. There are those who are saying that no one emails anymore. There have been announcements that email is dead over the last few years. Yet, while there are pronouncements that email is dead, there is still many posts explaining how to use email more effectively. But email seems to be more vibrant than that.

Memos and notes

At its most basic, email is a way of disseminating information. It might be the company-wide memo announcing changes in policies. It might be that “let’s get reconnected” email you send out to a business colleague you haven’t spoken to in months. And while you, as a user, might be more prone to texting or messaging via a social media platform, there are a number of people around the world who still use email predominantly.

Age gap

While there are rumours that younger people (under 30) are texting or sending private messages more than emailing, a recent study by The Radicati Group reports that email is still being used by people of all ages. In the business world, email is still one of the preferred communication tools so all adults in in the workplace have to use it.

It may be that more people are using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or other means of sending private messages. However, the data isn’t completely clear yet. One thing that is clear is that teenagers are not emailing as much as adults. Still, the Pew Research Research Center discovered that 73% of teenagers still email.

So email is not dead

According to the site, Email Is Not Dead, email is actively used by people all over the world. There are several factors that keep email going. One is that people subscribe to electronic newsletters so they can receive news of special offers and communications from their preferred brands. Another factor is that sometimes an idea just doesn’t fit in 140 characters. While you might not be a big fan of group emails, they are a way for people to send one message to many people.

Ongoing advantages of email

Email looks like it is going to remain one of our tools. According to Barry Gill in a sort of infographic post, email still brings a number of pluses that recommend its usage such as

  • an archival tool
  • means of communicating with collaborative group
  • enable communication across time zones
  • allows easy transmission of documents

Email doesn’t seem to be going anywhere

Email  is probably not going away in a hurry and it certainly isn’t on its deathbed. While you might wish that you got those emails from the Nigerian prince rather than someone swearing that they can improve your sexual life, email remains a good tool for conducting business and marketing plus keeping connected with co-workers and colleagues.

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